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Donald Trump denies asking to increase U.S. nuclear arsenal by tenfold

Trump again called the report "fake news " and added that such an increase in the nuclear arsenal was "totally unnecessary". President Donald Trump on Wednesday dismissed a report that said he wants to increase the country's nuclear stockpile by a factor of ten, accusing the press of making it up entirely.

Hamas and Fatah announce reconciliation agreement in Cairo

Such a move would restore a great deal of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas' influence in Gaza while weakening Hamas' control. Since then, attempts to reconcile the two groups and form a Palestinian power-sharing government have stalled.

Britain stresses Unesco commitment after USA withdraws over Israel bias

In a statement released Thursday, the State Department said the move won't take effect for more than a year, noting the withdrawal will be as of December 31, 2018. Washington has already withheld its funding for UNESCO since 2011, when the body admitted Palestine as a full member. She paid tribute to what she said had been a meaningful relationship between UNESCO and the USA, saying: "since 2011, we have deepened the partnership between the United States and UNESCO, which has never been so ...

The Feud Between Trump and Corker Is Puzzling to Washington Insiders

Sen. Bob Corker of Tennessee, engaged in a bitter Twitter feud with President Donald Trump , and other establishment Republicans insist that the tax cuts not increase the federal budget deficit. "We're on the right path right now, believe me". "I understand we're on the record", Corker said at the beginning of the phone call with The New York Times .

Melania Trump responds to Ivana Trump calling herself 'first lady'

The true first lady responded with a sharply-worded statement to CNN from her communications director, Stephanie Grisham. Trump said the president is still a big part of her life and that they speak 'maybe once a week, ' and that he is 'still asking me for advice'.

Saudi King heads to Russian Federation to talk oil, Syria, Iran

Alexei Vasiliev, the honorary president of the Institute for African Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences, member of the Scientific Council of the Russian International Affairs Council, in his turn, expressed the opinion that the development of relations meets the national interests of the both countries in the field of security and economy.

Attorney General Issues 'License To Discriminate' Against Gays, Women

Also on Friday, the Department of Justice announced a religious freedom guidance that was ordered by President Trump in his May 4 executive order on religious freedom . "It opens the door for discrimination in the workplace and public services, flying in the face of the majority of Americans of whom over 70 percent believe laws should protect LGBTQ people from discrimination", Isaacs said.

Trump Administration Poised to Roll Back Federal Birth Control Coverage Mandate

Under the new rules, companies and insurers need only cite a moral or religious objection in order to opt out of the Obama-era federal rule requiring birth control be covered for free for all women. Trump first hinted at the changes when he invited the 178-year-old religious order Little Sisters of the Poor, who had won a Supreme Court ruling in 2016 exempting them from providing birth control, to join him at the White House Rose Garden early May for the presentation of his executive order ...

British PM to tell her divided government to 'shape up'

May managed to draw laughs by quipping that she was "just about to talk about someone I'd like to give a P45 to and that's Jeremy Corbyn ", referring to the Labour Party leader that some pundits expect could be the next prime minister .

UN Denounces Lack of Humanitarian Access to Myanmar's Rakhine State

The UN has described the government-sanctioned crackdown on Rohingya as "a textbook example of ethnic cleansing". A Myanmar official tally says hundreds of people died as violence consumed remote communities, including Rohingya, AFP reported.

Las Vegas Shooter Sent Girlfriend Away to Spare Her Life, Sisters Say

The girlfriend of Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock says she saw no signs he was planning "something awful", and that she is "devastated" by the deaths and injuries he caused when he rained bullets down on an outdoor music concert. According to sources, Paddock's live-in girlfriend, 62, was met by Federal Bureau of Investigation agents to be questioned about what she may know about the attack and get a possible motive.

Turkey sentences 34 to life in jail over President Erdogan death plot

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has called for "more decisive action" in response to the Kurdish Regional Government (KRG)'s attempt to split from Iraq, as he joined his Iranian counterpart Hassan Rouhani in renewing their opposition to the redrawing of the Iraqi borders.

TODAY'S FORECAST: Sunny, high near 70

Low around 57. There will be a 30 percent chance of rain at night. Into the weekend, for Saturday and Sunday , it looks like both days will be mostly sunny to partly cloudy with highs warming to the mid-80s. Wednesday night , there is a 60 percent chance of showers and thunderstorms, according to the weather service. Highs are still expected to make it to the low/ mid-80 with winds from the south/ southeast at 10-15 miles per hour.

US Does Not Recognize Iraqi Kurdistan Referendum: Tillerson

On Monday, Iraqi Kurds approved a referendum on independence which the central government strongly opposes . On Saturday, military spokesman General Masoud Jazayeri told Iranian state television that commanders have chose to hold joint war games with Iraq.

Yosemite exit route closed after second slide injures 1

As the tours continue around Yosemite National Park , visitor Becky Salzmann can't help to think of the Florida couple she helped comfort just a day ago . "I am a scientist, so I won't rule it out entirely", Stock said. "Yosemite is just a really active, wild place". Andrew and Lucy Foster were set to scale the famous El Capitan rock face in the USA when the adventurer was killed by 1,000 tonnes of granite .

Russia Investigation: Twitter Banned 200 Fake Accounts But Left Key Details Out

Facebook wasn't the only social network to be hijacked by Russian operatives, as Twitter has found roughly 200 accounts tied to the same Russian sources that bought ads on Facebook to manipulate and undermine the USA 2016 presidential elections.

Ukip elects Henry Bolton as the party's new leader

Waters finished second in the leadership contest. He promised to pressure the government into a hard Brexit . Bolton, 54, is a former police officer and served in the army. Bolton's victory was a shock to nearly all in attendance at the announcement in Torquay. Mr Etheridge was one of a number of UKIP MEPs who had threatened to quit the party if bookies favourite Ms Waters had won.

U of I Involved In Indictment Of 4 College Basketball Coaches

Managers, financial advisers and representatives of major global sports companies have also been charged. "They knew that the corrupt coaches in return for bribes would pressure the players to use those services and they also knew that when these players turned pro, that would mean big bucks for them in professional fees and profits".

Trump lifts Puerto Rico shipping restrictions

The Trump administration waives a century-old shipping law to improve the flow of aid into Puerto Rico in the wake of Hurricane Maria. The act has had the unintended effect of making it twice as expensive to ship things from the USA mainland to Puerto Rico as it is to ship from any other foreign port in the world, according to Arizona Republican Sen.

Trump hints at firing Health Secretary Tom Price over airplane use

Asked if Price's job was on the line, he replied: "We'll see". Price has reportedly spent more than $400,000 of taxpayer money since joining the administration on private plane travel that the Health and Human Services inspector general is now probing.

Interpol approves Palestinian membership, angering Israel

Speaking about his country's successful application, Palestinian Foreign Minister Riyad Al-Malki said in a statement: "Palestine's membership is the outcome of members defending this organisation's raison d'etre and advancing its core values, and a clear rejection of attempts at cynical manipulation and political bullying".

Spain's State Prosecutor Says Detention of Catalan President Possible

With five days to go until the October 1 vote, the clash between Catalonia's pro-separatist government and Madrid was increasingly being played out in the arena of logistics and global opinion. Faced with these actions, the separatist leaders of this wealthy northeastern region of Spain, home to around 7.5 million people, have accused Madrid of "repression".

Meghan Markle & Markus Anderson Watch The 2017 Invictus Games Opening Ceremony

The two held hands Monday (Sept. 25) as they walked toward Toronto's city hall and attended a wheelchair tennis event at the Invictus Games. Markle wore a white button-down shirt with blue jeans ripped at the knee. Now that they've stepped out together, rumours of an engagement are at an all-time high. It is their first appearance together, after sitting apart at the Invictus Games opening ceremony.

Third Grader Dies After Trying To Save Sister From Being Sexually Molested

Dante was left brain dead following the attack and he died six days after. Chaney is the ex-boyfriend of Dante's mother, 28-year-old Elizabeth Salone . In another incident in October 2015, an 11-year-old boy died while pushing his sister away from the path of a speedy vehicle. Dante Daniels pictured with his mother, Elizabeth Salone and sister, Danae .

Backed Forces Seize Conoco Gas Plant From Islamic State

The warning was followed by an acknowledgement from the Pentagon of an unprecedented face-to-face meeting between Russian and American military leaders, which took place inside or near Syria , to address the rising tensions. Russia is supporting the current offensive by the Assad regime forces against Daesh terrorist group near the city of Deir el-Zour with air cover, while Russian special forces are also active in the area.

J.Lo Pledges $1M to Puerto Rico for Hurricane Relief

Velazquez said Puerto Rico was "already struggling from financial and economic challenges before Maria made landfall". While the Demented Cheese Grit in Chief and his war against black athletes has been dominating headlines and social media feeds in the U.S., Puerto Rico is facing an increasingly desperate situation after Hurricane Maria devastated the island Thursday.

Maria continues northerly track, Lee become a hurricane

That might be just enough to put the Outer Banks, possibly even Hampton Roads in Virginia and the Delmarva Peninsula, into some tropical storm-force winds and maybe some squally rain in the Monday-Wednesday period. If the storm stays in the wake of José, cooler water will eventually cause it to weaken, the Hurricane Center said. As such, everyone should prepare for these impacts while they continue to monitor Maria , according to Dare County Emergency Management.

North Korea quake not a nuclear test, say China experts

The Chinese Ministry of Commerce said in a statement that exports of condensate oil, liquefied natural gas as well as textile imports from the North are now prohibited. "The depth is poorly constrained and has been held to five kilometres by the seismologist", USGS said in a statement. Vessels and aircraft that have visited North Korea in the past 180 days are prohibited from entering USA under the new sanctions .

Kurdish government holds meetings in Baghdad on eve of independence vote

The President of Iraq's Kurdish region said that the controversial referendum on support for independence will go forward Monday, despite increasingly urgent calls from the worldwide community to delay the vote. Asked if Turkey would consider a cross-border operation in response to referendum, Prime Minister Binali Yildrim said to Reuters: "Naturally, it is a question of timing as to when security, economic and security options are implemented".

No clear victor as New Zealand election ends in stalemate

English had seen his party's standing in the polls plummet since announcing the election in February, and Jacinda Ardern's Labour Party surged. Opinion polls leading up to the vote had been volatile with two recent ones giving National a near 10 point lead over Labour.