Can Dogs Understand Humans?

And they process that information just like humans do, in the left hemisphere of their brains for vocabulary and the right hemisphere of the brain for intonation. In a recent study, praise only activated dogs' reward center in the brain when both the words and the intonation were positive. Are there music they like more than other music? The left hemisphere of the brain also plays a dominant role in how humans process language.

Future Google smartphones may cost more than Nexus devices

In terms of the software specs, the Google Nexus 2016 will run on the upcoming Android 7.0 Nougat operating system. An attendee inspects the new Nexus 5X phone during a Google media event on September 29, 2015 in San Francisco, California.

Google Opens Up Google Play Early Access to More Developers

The success of that early test run has now convinced Google to expand Early Access to even more developers. The " In Apps " functionality won't require Wi-Fi or 3G because all of the personal results are displayed directly on a phone. In Apps , which Google announced this week, now works only with a fairly limited set of applications like Gmail , YouTube and Spotify . For example, you can search for a keyword in Facebook Messenger, LinkedIn and other social chat apps, in order to ...

Mario Sports SuperStars Revealed for Nintendo 3DS

The latter will be slightly different version of the Wii U. Nintendo took advantage of the Nintendo Direct this afternoon to unveil the 3DS version of Super Mario Maker. Video game stories from other sites on the web. Also missing will be the ability to share user created levels over the internet. Even if the Nintendo NX does turn out to be a handheld / home console hybrid, Nintendo proved that the 3DS still has a lot of life left in it today.

Mark your calendars: Apple iPhone 7 to be launched on September 7!

So it would be correct to assume that the iPhone 7 will be debuted in a similar fashion. The company's current flagship iPhone 6s, for example, was announced past year on September 9. Other supposed specs from the source include a 1960mAh battery on the standard iPhone and a 2910mAh pack on the Plus, as well as a new A10 processor for both devices.

Twitter Wants You to Make Money From Videos

Niche, which has called Twitter home since 2015, includes 35,000 content creators that work with brands around the world for branded content purposes. In addition, Twitter is announcing a new Media Studio for publishing videos and visual content. Niche now works with 35,000 creators worldwide together with advertisers to develop "authentic and resonating" branded content.

Rain from storm causes rivers to surge in Dominican Republic

It gives it a 60 percent chance to develop in the next five days. The National Hurricane Center predicted 2016 to be the strongest hurricane season since 2012, according to its updated Hurricane Season Outlook released in August. A second area of disturbed weather is located located about a hundred miles south of the coast of southwestern Louisiana. The center is also tracking a separate area of low pressure located about 140 miles southwest of Bermuda and producing winds of 30 to 35 mph.

Android 7.0 Nougat: What Devices Are Getting It Now and What's Next?

The feature made its debut in the first Android Nougat Developer Preview, and with the second Developer Preview the feature was further expanded to work even when your phone is locked without having to input your pin/password. The new Android build comes with several new features like improved notification shade and split-screen multitasking, improved Doze feature, among others.

PlayStation Now game streaming is headed to PC

While the PlayStation Now service has proved a little lukewarm on PS3 and PS4, extending the service to PC could prove the making of the cloud-based experience. This service will go live in parts of Europe and North America. The first option is wireless, but for this, you will need to also buy the Dual Shock 4 USB wireless adapter, which will cost $24.99 (approximately Rs.1,676).

What time does WWE SummerSlam start?

During a conference call leading up to UFC 202 , McGregor let his feelings about the WWE be known, sending off a shockwave of angry rebuttals from WWE superstars. Beating Brock should be used to cement the next big thing, someone who could take Brock's place and draw at his level. But here comes NXT's hottest wrestler in Finn Balor .

Ryan Lochte to discuss Rio robbery controversy with Matt Lauer

Police have said that the incident never happened. Lochte is at the center of controversy in Rio after authorities said he and three other American swimmers vandalized a gas station bathroom after partying. A source confirmed to Daily Mail Online that the men refused to pay for the damage until a gun was brandished by a gas station security guard. "We will further review the matter, and any potential consequences for the athletes, when we return to the United States".

Overwatch: Gamescom Announces New Map and Animations

Lately, Overwatch has been getting a few noteworthy additions to spice up things, from new game modes centered on the 2016 Olympics and loot boxes, to the introduction of a new character (hero Ana). In the map preview, it was also shown that there are scattered Bastion robots and parts all over the castle. Outnumbered and outgunned, they were ultimately slain during the resulting combat.

Pebble Beach: BMW 2002 Hommage returns

Giant fender flares recall the 2002 turbo homologation cars, and vintage inspired wheels recall races of a bygone era. The BMW 2002 Hommage was initially unveiled at the Concorso d'Eleganza Villa d'Este in May. The BMW 2002 Turbo was the first turbocharged production vehicle in Europe, so it's reasonable to assume that the concept isn't naturally aspirated.

USA to 'hand over' the system that controls the internet

That's about to change: On October 1, the U.S. government will hand over the reins to a nonprofit multi-stakeholder entity. The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), a not-for-profit global organisation, will get control of the DNS on 1 October after the U.S.

Google Launches 'Duo' App in Bid to Make Video Calling Simpler

Unlike Apple's FaceTime, Duo works across Android and iOS devices. One interesting addition to Google Duo is a feature called "Knock-Knock", which allows users to see a video of who is calling before accepting that call and turning on their own phone's camera.

Great Lakes no help for a struggling Trump on road to 270

He wanted the voters themselves to get involved as well. "We don't want anyone getting unruly", he said. In this year's general election race, a RealClearPolitics average of Pennsylvania polls finds Clinton leading Trump 49 percent to 40 percent.

No Man's Sky: Easy Item Duplication Glitch

What's the point of it all? To be clear: The game, thus far, isn't actually very hard. But having now played the game for several hours it's all become a lot clearer. It's nearly coddling in that regard, but conversely, the way that it automates your trajectory to a far off waypoint is joyous in its simplicity.

Sony is holding an event next month, will likely reveal PS4 Neo

In general the PlayStation 4 Neo will support 4K displays and "richer graphics", meanwhile PlayStation VR will work with either console. Prior to E3, Sony Interactive president Andrew House confirmed the existence of the Neo, but the console was not shown during the annual gaming convention.

Plan to install government app on Galaxy Note 7 faces backlash

The Galaxy S7 and S7 edge have delivered strong sales for Samsung this year , and it may well be, however, that Samsung looks to maintain the status quo in the short term. Information stream, meanwhile, relegates at-a-glance feeds like missed calls, messages, news headlines, and Facebook status updates to the handset's curved screen.

New Battlefield 1 Video Shows Off New Weapons

The majority of the other shooter video games has been focusing on high-tech warfare for the past couple of years, but EA DICE's new title will certainly be shaking things up as it takes the franchise to an entirely different direction. Since summer ends on September 21 in the United States, players can expect the beta release to occur from now until mid-September. Coming this October 21st, " Battlefield 1 " is the 14th installment of the series since it was released last 2002.

Putin notes progress in all spheres of Russian-Iranian relations

The meeting also addressed joint application of Iran and Republic of Azerbaijan of Hirkani forests which are stretched both sides of the borders in UNESCO World Heritage Site in the 2016 UNESCO meeting. "It is a promising format and has potential within the bilateral cooperation", he added. According to the Russian President, the two countries have a good base to solve these matters.

Hillary Clinton is surging in one of the most reliably red states

For Trump, that means focusing on issues like economic policy and nominating the next Supreme Court justice.With Clinton and Trump having faced plenty of controversy already, Weikert said, each has a share of detractors who aren't going to change their minds at this point.

Wanted Gangster Gunned Down in an Encounter Near Hyderabad

Police handout picture of suspected militant Nayeem The driver of the vehicle managed to escape from the spot, SP Rema Rajeswari said. Hailing from Nalgonda he also had passed on information to the police about various criminals such as Sohrabuddin Sheikh.

Tesla Autopilot Takes Driver Safely to Hospital

After travelling around 20 miles, Neally told Slate how he then manually steered the vehicle into the auto park before seeking urgent treatment. A pulmonary embolism is a blockage in the pulmonary artery, the blood vessel that carries blood from the heart to the lungs.

Boyfriend of woman killed by police faces gun, drug charges

So sure, it very well may have been exactly as police told the story: Gaines, with a child in one hand and a shotgun in the other, may have exchanged gunfire with police, and she may have gotten killed after first firing on the advancing officers.

Apple's New TV Strategy May Be Exactly What You've Been Waiting For

Users would be able to watch their favorite shows and movies through a single click. Apple's much-hinted-at subscription TV service was widely expected to be unveiled past year, but those plans were reportedly scrapped because of a lack of progress in securing licensing deals for programming from content providers such as TV networks.

Samsung Details Galaxy Note7 Smartphone & New Gear VR Headset

Samsung Notes, a new unified app allows users to jot down handwritten notes, draw, or edit memos from one location using the S Pen. It's now available for pre-order directly from Samsung . Samsung yesterday announced the latest version of their Gear VR mobile headset alongside the new Galaxy Note 7 smartphone. Since the specs are largely the same between the Note 7 and the S7 series, Samsung is differentiating its larger flagship with features.

IPhone emojis to get even more diverse

In iOS 10, Apple has completely redesigned Messages app with upgraded emojis , stickers and app access. Durex has called for a condom emoji to make conversations about safe sex easier. "More than one hundred new and redesigned emoji characters will be available to iPhone and iPad users this Fall with iOS 10", Apple reported on its website.

"Spider-Man: Homecoming" Is 'Ground Floor' of the MCU's High-Rise, Says Director

We see a quick cut montage of Peter jumping on top of a moving truck, now in his Spider-man suit climbing a wall and more. Members of the press were shown an exclusive, tightly private series of clips from Marvels Spider-Man: Homecoming , and a lot of them noticed parallels between the early trailer and NBC's Freaks and Geeks .

Telltale's Batman will have a multiplayer component

Viewers can see how the vote unfolds, and the game can be set up so that the most popular decision is automatically made or so the player still makes the final choice. Crowd Play won't stream game footage due to latency issues; it sounds like it's designed for live events and gatherings, similarly to games like Drawful and Fibbage, where all viewers can see the screen the host is playing on.