For a week, Fallon retakes the lead from Colbert

The Late Show airs on CBS at 11:35 p.m. ET. A multi-talented and respected host, writer, producer, satirist and comedian, Colbert is well-known for his previous late night show , "The Colbert Report ", which concluded on Friday, Dec.

Seattle Police Play Video Games As Outreach Opportunity

Seattle police released the 911 call, additional surveillance video and details of the Charleena Lyles shooting on Thursday, less than a week after officers opened fire on the pregnant mother with her children present in her Seattle apartment.

Texas mother charged in deaths of toddlers left in hot car

At the time, for reasons not necessarily understood the mother believed her children would leave the auto on their own when " they were ready ". At the time, the temperature outside was hovering around 96 degrees. Police say she admitted she left her kids in the vehicle to "teach them a lesson ". The children were unresponsive and Randolph said she broke a window to gain entry.

WH to Lobby House GOP on Softening Senate Bill on Moscow Sanctions

It also aims to punish Russia's Vladimir Putin for interfering in last year's U.S. election, and to make it tougher for the White House to roll back sanctions. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has offered only tepid support for the Russian Federation sanctions package. The bill would require a congressional review if President Donald Trump attempts to ease or end penalties against Moscow.

Cuba rejects new U.S. policy, saying pressure will not work

And in symbolism that will not be lost in Havana , his crowd included veterans of the ill-fated Brigade 2506, which in 1961 launched the failed USA -backed Bay of Pigs invasion. It is a country with friendly people, many of whom have ties to friends or family in the United States. Russian President Vladimir Putin greets Cuban dictator Fidel Castro in Havana in December 2000.

Justices could take up high-stakes fight over electoral maps

WASHINGTON (AP) — In an era of deep partisan division, the Supreme Court could soon decide whether the drawing of electoral districts can be too political. Attorney General Brad Schimel released the following statement in response. In states controlled by Republicans, Democrats have long complained that voting districts are created to disadvantage them.

Two bounty hunters, Minnesota fugitive killed in shoot out

Minnesota bounty hunters tracked Hutchinson to Texas and called in Corpus Christi based Fidel Garcia Jr.to track him. Peters says Hutchinson had been sought since March when he failed to appear for court in Hennepin County. Hutchinson could be in Texas", Peters said. Police said two men with F.N.G. "I've been told that the two gentleman approached him with handcuffs and were going to try to arrest him and that's when the shooting started", Ford said.

The National Spelling Bee's New Normal: $200-An-Hour Teen Spelling Coaches

Not that it's a competition, but seven states have words with less than five letters. But hey, I bet none of those other states can spell Ashwaubenon or Potawatomi - and we sure as hell know they can't pronounce them. Words like "beautiful" and "pneumonia" seem to be among the most commonly searched terms across the country, and words like "sense", "quote" and "nanny" are the most misspelled words in Oregon, Idaho and MS, respectively, the data shows.

ICE operation nets 9 arrests in Santa Maria

Of the 188 people arrested, close to 90% had prior convictions, according to a statement from ICE. More than 180 people were arrested over the 10-day multi-state operation, which was spread across West Virginia, Pennsylvania and DE, according to a release from ICE.

Pregnant teen banned from graduation ceremony

She can also still attend graduation, just not take part in it. And while not walking at graduation could be punishment for school policy offenses like not returning library books or not paying off lunch fees, Maddi won't walk as "punishment" for being pregnant.

Trump administration extends protected status for Haitians

There are almost 59,000 recipients of TPS from Haiti living in the USA, the officials said. But internal government emails obtained by The Associated Press show that as part of the decision-making progress, an official at U.S. "It's very unfortunate that the federal government would take this position with the Haitian community - singling out the Haitian community", Walsh said as he marched in the annual Haitian parade yesterday in Mattapan.

Video shows Hillary Clinton practicing avoiding Trump's hugs

In a slight-of-hand trick, Trump pulled him into an embrace before he could do anything. Reines was Trump's stand-in while Clinton was preparing for the confrontations ahead. In the video, she is seen avoiding his hug by reaching out and shaking his hand. Just two days after Trump entered office, he gave Comey a special shout out during a ceremony at the White House to honor law enforcement officials who provided security at his inauguration.

Four Planned Parenthood Clinics Will Close Due to State Funding Cuts

We will continue to serve patients at eight health centers across the state. They set up a task force that ultimately determined that without Medicaid funds, four of Planned Parenthood's 12 Iowan clinics would be unable to operate. "But I think it's important to keep in mind we are a non-profit and the focus really is on serving patients and patient care". About 30 clinic staffers are expected to be affected by the closures.

REAL ID Finally a Done Deal in Minnesota

Let's look at the Digest. The offer, as presented by the governor, was a "meet halfway" solution that proposed to split the state's $1.5 billion remaining budget surplus between the two sides' competing priorities. But hundreds of Republican policy provisions could be major obstacles. "If not, then they won't finish on time and it will be their responsibility". "If you get into the policy matters, we are talking about hours and hours and hours of discussion and debate, ' Dayton said this ...

Denver Police Pay Tribute To Fallen Officers

The officers will continue to be honored Saturday during the 10th Annual Valor Run at 9 a.m.at Memorial Park, followed by the Memorial Ball at 6 p.m.at the Marriott Hotel, 5580 Tech Center Drive. Thompson - along with four Dallas Police Department officers - was killed in the July 7, 2016, ambush shootings. This program will improve officer safety on the job and accelerate the process of benefits through the Public Safety Officers' Benefits Program, which provides vital resources to the ...

Too much caffeine led to heart problems that killed SC teen

Schoolmates at Spring Hill High had said the 16-year-old had "chugged" the large bottle of energy drink before becoming ill during a lesson. Watts said the final cause of death was due to a caffeine-induced cardiac event causing a probable arrhythmia.

Democrats want any Russian Federation investigation kept clear of Trump's 'heavy hand'

But many Senate and House Democrats, including those representing MA, are asking the same question: Why fire Comey now? James Comey is not President Donald Trump's first scalp. One official said Trump asked Rosenstein and Sessions for their views on Comey, then asked the deputy attorney general to synthesize his thoughts in a memo.

Government needs a good shutdown, tweets frustrated Trump

But Republican leaders and Trump himself also praised the stopgap measure as a major accomplishment and a sign of his masterful negotiating with Democrats. "One of his options was that we need to elect more Republicans in 2018 and I'm certainly for that", Blunt said. "Our country needs a good "shutdown" in September to fix mess!" he wrote on Twitter .

Lawmaker: Collapse highlights safety concerns

Construction crews in protective gear and ventilation systems, are filling the hole that appeared above a rail tunnel that was used to transport radioactive equipment at Hanford. Heeter said there are eight rail cars inside tunnels at the site that were used to transport radioactive material. Non-essential workers who live north of the site's Wye Barricade entrance were asked to stay home Wednesday.

North Korea accuses US, South Korea of assassination attempt

Any new USA sanctions against North Korea would likely affect China , the North's most important trade partner. Relevant to your professional network? The United States is using the pretext of North Korea to build up its military capabilities in order to launch a nuclear attack on China, an American writer and retired professor says .

Levee breaks in Arkansas as record flooding continues to plague the region

As flood waters continue to rise in northeast Arkansas, Gov. Asa Hutchinson is sending additional manpower and resources to the area. He held a press conference in Pocahontas, where the Black River is overtaking a key levee. "It's going to be bad". Governor Hutchinson said state officials are carefully monitoring the situation in Lawrence County. More sandbags are being piled on top of levees in an evacuated eastern Missouri city, but local officials are confident the area will stay dry as ...

Joaquin 'El Chapo' Guzman returns to court in drug case

Guzman's lawyers had asked Judge Brian Cogan to order him released from an ultrahigh-security wing of a NY jail that's housed terrorism and mob suspects. "We will continue to fight for his right to fair and humane treatment". A lawyer for Guzman had no immediate comment. Cogan's ruling revealed that Guzman is visited by his lawyers nearly every day at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Manhattan, for an average of four to five hours in a windowed visitor room.

7 shot during San Diego pool party; suspect dead

When the suspect pointed his gun at the officers, they fired, killing him. One of apparent victims was crawling to the other trying to help. One man who attended the gathering said the suspect was sitting in a chair at the pool. "We were tapping on windows to tell people that there was an active shooter and they should get away from the street". "The suspect looked pretty relaxed, pretty relaxed" the witness, who did not identify himself, told FOX 5 .

Sebastian Gorka to leave White House

Many political reporters might not have been watching the Pennsylvania event with the President, as some were instead back at the White House Correspondent's Dinner in Washington - and Mr. "An official said Gorka has been in a "holding pattern" while he waited for the position, which will not be at the State Department, to be established".

Sean Hannity Thinks There's a Traitor Within Fox News

Done". A long time protégée of fired FNC boss Roger Ailes , who left under a cloud of a number of sexual harassment claims last summer, Shine has been named in a number of related legal actions and accusations since being named by Rupert Murdoch last August to take over the co-presidency of the outlet with Jack Abernethy.

Judge cites Trump's words in blocking 'sanctuary city' order

Two other judges on the Ninth Circuit earlier this year blocked different versions of Trump's proposed travel ban, which targeted Muslim-majority countries. Trump and his team have made it clear that they are looking to punish cities that disobey him by removing or re-allocating federal funding away from them.

No active shooter at middle school in Mason County

According to North Mason School District Superintendent Dana Rosenbach, North Mason High School and Hawkins Middle School are on lockdown after deputies took a student into custody after a report of a student with a gun. Law enforcement are on the scene and are clearing the school. "Our officers were already on campus at the high school for a student with a handgun", said Chief Deputy Ryan Spurling.

Tennessee teacher planned to take 15-year-old girl to Mexico

One resident said the pair told them Thomas was 24 and Cummins was 40 and that they had been married for a year. The girl cooperated with authorities, Houtman said, and she flew back to Tennessee with the Federal Bureau of Investigation. "I can tell you that her mood was kind of escalated. you know sometimes she was emotional, you know it was a very traumatic experience for her", Lopey said.

Canadian PM responds to Trump's criticism of dairy industry

Canada changed its policy on pricing domestic milk to cover more dairy ingredients, leading to lower prices for Canadian products including ultra-filtered milk that compete with US milk. "We're going to have to get to the negotiating table with Canada very, very quickly", Trump said. Trump also took the opportunity to slam NAFTA, the free trade deal linking the US, Mexico and Canada, calling it a "disaster for our country".

Unemployment rates fall to record lows in 4 US states

The state Department of Labor and Industry reports the largest gains were in the construction, professional and business services and health care industries. The unemployment rate was 3.8 percent one year ago in March. Wells Fargo economist Mark Vitner said weather and other factors may have skewed the March job numbers.