Ryan on Trump: 'You can't make this up sometimes'

I beat the hell out of them. "Our Constitution makes sure that no one person exercises too much power", Ryan said at a news conference Thursday in the Capitol's Statuary Hall. "I get that this, this is a very unusual situation". "The last thing I would do is tell anybody to do something that's contrary to their conscience", Ryan told NBC's "Meet the Press" in an excerpt of an interview that will air Sunday.

Making more history…Could Clinton pick a woman for her running mate?

Speaking in a video tweeted out by Mrs Clinton , Mr Obama said she may be the most qualified person "ever" for the role of president. She is the first Clinton hire from the Sanders operation and will work with the Clinton campaign's state team in outreach efforts to young voters.

Congress stalemated on guns despite shooting, filibuster

McConnell dismissed the effort as a "campaign talk-a-thon" which slowed down work on a spending bill. "I've cleared my entire day...so I can stay on this floor and assist Senator Murphy", Booker said . "Republicans are interested in compromising because they know on Monday night a lot of them are going to have to take a really bad vote", Murphy argued.

Disney Installing Gator Signs, Barriers Following Attack on Boy

It's the same lake where an alligator, which witnesses said was 4 to 7 feet long, snatched Lane Graves , 2, from the shoreline on Wednesday. A source with knowledge of the situation said the resort now plans to install signs explicitly warning of the risky animals.

Winds ease at scene of California wildfire

LOS ANGELES The Sherpa Fire that continues to send smoke into their air over much of the L.A. basin in its fourth day is now 45 percent contained , Santa Barbara County officials announced Saturday. Santa Barbara County proclaimed a local emergency in response to the fire, which broke out Wednesday afternoon in an area near the Rancho La Scherpa retreat.

3-year-old Houston boy dies in hot car

The boy suffered cardiac arrest, according to the Houston Fire Department , and was rushed to Lyndon B. Johnson General Hospital. Doctors couldn't save him. Trapolino was the youngest of four children. "A complete freak accident". "[The family] called 911 and started doing CPR and when they loaded him into the ambulance and left they were still doing CPR", Trapolino family neighbour Chris Johnson told KPRC News in Houston .

Sheriff: Charges unlikely after 2-year-old killed by gator

Disney has announced it will close all its Florida resort beaches and post new signs warning of alligators - two days after a Nebraska toddler was attacked and drowned by one of the creatures in a resort lagoon that bore no warning of their unsafe presence.

IL unemployment rate drops as workforce shrinks

Indiana's rate remains above the national average of 4.7 percent, but is second-lowest among neighboring states. The region showed a net gain of 2,000 jobs, 0.6 percent, this year. The information sector, in part due to the Verizon issues, lost 6,000 jobs. "We are seeing more individuals enter into the labor force, which is going to influence the unemployment rate", Walls said.

Paul Ryan Calls Trump's Judge Comments 'Beyond the Pale'

Now, it's been driven to near-despair over his belittling of a Mexican-American judge as incapable of fairly handling a Trump lawsuit. Rubio told a local news station in Florida that he saw that promise as a "binding agreement", but said he couldn't defend Trump's remarks about Judge Curiel.

Clinton Is Actively Vetting Elizabeth Warren As Potential Running Mate

Ms Warren's policies are closely in line with that of Mr Sanders, however, being mostly populist and progressive. Ms. Warren threw her support behind Clinton last week. Beyond the MA senator, other prospective candidates include Labor Secretary Tom Perez; Housing and Urban Development Secretary Julián Castro; Sens.

James Howell left IN to avoid Child Molestation Charges

The now infamous L.A. Pride crasher, James Howell, is in more hot water as TMZ is reporting that not only is he wanted for charges of criminal assault in IN, but he is under investigation for child molestation in that state. He says he intends to eventually have Howell extradited to Indiana. "Mr. Howell has not been charged federally at this time, however, the investigation is continuing", Eimiller said.

In Conversation With Oprah, Michelle Obama Tells Men To 'Be Better'

Billed as an "armchair conversation", the talk between Winfrey and the first lady capped a day in which White House advisers Valerie Jarrett and Tina Tchen played leading roles. Because I know who I am". They lead the White House Council on Women and Girls. As a graduate of Princeton and Harvard Law School, she clearly had the tools for greatness.

Temperatures hit dangerous levels in parts of South, Midwest

Due to the lingering clouds, temperatures are only around 80 degrees across the central counties of Alabama. "You will dehydrate faster in drier air, and you will be sweating more to compensate, especially when the temperature is very high", Sheridan said.

Oprah Winfrey Endorses Hillary Clinton for President

And this is the truth: "America, it's about time we make that decision". "It's a seminal moment for women", Winfrey told ET. "I have to say, I'm with her. Does it matter? Um, yes. "I really believe it's going to happen", Winfrey said of Clinton's chances to win the election. "Oh, come on. I'm president of my own company".

Bill passed to help Puerto Rico's financial crisis

The island's only active air ambulance company announced Tuesday that it has suspended its services. The Puerto Rico Oversight, Management and Economic Stability Act - or PROMESA , which is Spanish for promise - passed 297-127, which Plaskett characterized as a strong bipartisan vote .

Secretive Start-Up Magic Leap Gets Cozy With Lucasfilm

Magic Leap still hasn't released or even revealed its mixed reality headset, but the company had some big news to share on Thursday. Most intriguingly? Gaeta says there wasn't any post-processing involved in the video , ILMxLAB simply captured what Magic Leap's gear spit out.

Hogan makes it clear he will not vote for Trump

Marco Rubio's unsuccessful GOP primary bid, said the issue of an endorsement did not surface in his and five other GOP governor's Tuesday meeting with Trump in the billionaire businessman's Trump Tower offices in Manhattan. The Trump campaign did not immediately respond to a request for comment. Though he has secured enough delegates to clinch the Republican nomination, Trump and his candidacy have driven a wedge through the GOP, with many members saying they won't support him because he ...

Orlando mayor: City not defined by 'act of a cowardly hater'

He said officials are putting together an Orlando Family Assistance Centre. "We come to the end of another day in a world where Orlando is now the site of the deadliest shooting in American history", Dyer said. But the city of Orlando stands out as younger, more ethnically diverse, and is home to a large gay population that has changed the look of many neighborhoods and shopping districts.

6 shot in downtown Oakland, 1 in grave condition

Police and Crime Stoppers of Oakland are offering up to $10,000 in reward money for information leading to the arrest of the killer. The department says the shooting happened during a vigil for someone drowned a year ago in Salinas, California.

Dem senator frustrated by inaction on guns begins filibuster

More Democrats are expected to join the filibuster , which prevents any amendment votes on the spending bill. As noon approached, Sen. So he took to the Senate floor Wednesday morning - three days after a gunman killed 49 people at an Orlando club - and vowed to talk and talk and talk until senators voted to ban those on federal terrorist watch lists from buying guns.

Some say Orlando shooter was a regular at club

Years before he slaughtered 49 people at a gay club, Orlando shooter Omar Mateen was threatening to go on a school rampage, according to a former classmate. The owner of Pulse, speaking through a representative, denied reports that Mateen had been a regular patron. "That's a lie", Raymond Michael Sharpe said in a text message.

Clinton, Trump at odds over tackling terrorism, guns

Trump's tough talk may be applauded by his supporters, but it's important to reevaluate - especially in the wake of the Orlando tragedy - just how much damage the alleged billionaire has already done as a candidate. "Many of the principles of radical Islam are incompatible with Western values and institutions". Orlando is an opportunity for him - and followers like the gay British Islamophobe, Milo Yiannopoulos - to condemn the "liberal elite" for failing to protect American citizens from ...

Trump backers sing 'Happy Birthday' to presumptive nominee

If anything, views of Trump within the Republican foreign-policy establishment have soured further, Gerecht says . Law enforcement jumped the barriers of the pens and began pushing demonstrators, Trump supporters, and reporters aside. Trump said the judge, who was born in IN, might be biased against him because of his proposal to build a wall along the Mexico border. She also listed several of Trump's most controversial statements, beginning with his recent claim that the judge presiding ...

Los Angeles man arrested in arson deaths

The fire began on the second floor of the vacant two-story office building, and firefighters had to rescue five people. "His intent was to light the fire with the hopes of killing these individuals, or at least one individual", Hayes said.

Obama endorses Hillary Clinton for president

Sanders met with Obama and Vice President Joe Biden on Thursday after vowing to continue his campaign despite Hillary Clinton clinching the nomination, CNN reports. "That's not the America we want", he said, adding that it doesn't reflect our democratic ideals, and "it won't make us more safe". Up until now, Warren has remained neutral regarding her stance on whether Clinton or her opponent Bernie Sanders should run in the general election under the Democratic ticket.

Obama Speech Shows Lack of Confidence in Hillary Clinton — CNN's Tapper

What exactly would it change? President Barack Obama asked the question during a speech from Washington , D.C. on Thursday that was billed as an update on the fight against ISIS but turned into a speech about the future of the United States.

BJP wins 12, SP seven, Congress six Rajya Sabha seats

The numbers in the Rajya Sabha have been the Congress's last remaining stronghold. Union Minister Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi sailed through from Jharkhand. The threat of cross voting by Congress MLAs was very clear because that was the only way the BJP could ensure victory of the independent fielded by the party.

Juror in Stanford sex assault case appalled by sentence

Rape seems to be one of the few crimes where people are willing to shift the blame from the perpetrator to the victim because of an inability to defend herself. The victim's sister, called Jane Doe 2 in the documents, gave her account of how her sister's rape has affected her for the past 18 months. If you're just one of a thousand voices, you can find those other 999 voices and put them all together, that's when real change starts to happen.

Officials Raid Orlando Shooter Omar Mateen's Father's Home

Amid an ongoing investigation into a possible motive , Orlando Police Chief John Mina gave more details Monday on the run-up to the SWAT raid that ended the crisis. Dozens of people escaped, and Mateen was gunned down as he emerged through the hole, police said. "We were able to save and rescue dozens and dozens of people", Mina said.

Romney loyalists ponder a future with Trump

MOON TOWNSHIP, Pa. (AP) — Campaigning in a pair of crucial battleground states, Donald Trump bashed Democrats and Republicans alike Saturday, from Hillary Clinton to former Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney. "Freedom of any kind means no one should be judged by their race or their colour and the tone of his hue", Trump said. "We are going to have so much fun with Donald Trump as president of the United States".