Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Zombies Detailed Alongside New Trailers

Just how Treyarch is going to put their stamp on the game is anyone's guess since they decided not to show the mode off during their community reveal. We'd be lying if we said we don't play other games. This update mostly fixates on a lot of the features directed towards multiplayer. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is going to launch on October 12 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Levels of Banned Ozone-Eating Chemical Mysteriously On the Rise

CFC-11 still contributes about a quarter of all chlorine - the chemical that triggers the breakdown of ozone - reaching the stratosphere. "Somebody's cheating", said Durwood Zaelke, founder of the Institute for Governance and Sustainable Development and an expert on the Montreal Protocol , in a comment on the new research .

Elon Musk's LA tunnel is nearly finished - and he's offering fre

In typical Musk fashion, he didn't release other details. He envisions motorists' vehicles being lowered by elevators into tunnels and onto electric sleds that whisk them along to destinations. "Super huge thanks to everyone that helped with this project", Musk said on Instagram . Just over a year ago, Musk tweeted , "Traffic is driving me nuts".

Explore and eat your way around town with Google Maps

Google also demonstrated how its assistant (the voice-activated service available on Google Home and mobile devices) can make phone calls on your behalf. " Match " is continuously evolving and is based on a user's changing habits. When you check out a particular area on the map, you'll see dining, event, and activity options based on the area you're looking at.

Universal Studios Japan roller coaster stalls, leaving riders stranded for 2 hours

No one was injured and all passengers descended the attraction within the next two hours, according to Japanese broadcaster NHK . Many people lined up to ride the coaster after it began operating again, but others were too nervous to get on.

Amazon plans Vancouver, BC, Boston growth

Amazon's new office in Boston's Seaport District will create 2,000 tech jobs in the city. The plan is unrelated to Amazon's search for a second headquarters that attracted 238 bids from 43 US states, as well as from Washington and Puerto Rico, six Canadian provinces, and three Mexican states.

Instagram and WhatsApp will launch a new feature

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg quickly commented on Koum's Facebook post about his departure, writing "Jan: I will miss working so closely with you". Watch Facebook trade in real time here . As usual, WhatsApp did not give any timeline for the rollout of both the features, but with the company already working on them, it will be a matter of time for the company to push them to the users.

Millennial investors are gobbling up shares of Apple ahead of earnings (AAPL)

Analysts have been quick to chime in after Apple's earnings, too, and most of the attention has been upbeat. "We have extremely low share in that market overall", Cook said during Apple's second-quarter 2018 earnings call on Tuesday when the tech giant posted quarterly revenue of $61.1 billion, an increase of 16 per cent from the year-ago quarter.

Battlefield V Battle Royale Mode in the Works

And again, it shouldn't shock you to hear that DICE is doing the same thing for Battlefield V. The Battlefield series is a prime candidate to see a Battle Royale mode. But EA of all people should be aware of the dangers of chasing trends; the firm was also in on the MOBA craze with its own, Dawngate, but that ended up being cancelled as the market had already solidified with League of Legends and DOTA 2.

Space diamonds came from planet lost billions of years ago

They gathered the tiny pieces and cataloged them into Almahata Sitta , a collection of rare meteorites that often carry nano-sized diamonds . Now, a new study published in the journal Nature Communications supports that idea. Such planetary embryos got ejected from the solar system and either became rogue planets or smashed together. Studying the chemical contents inside the diamonds , the scientists concluded that they were captured by the diamonds during an extremely ...

Security concerns forces Chennai Super Kings to move base to Pune

BCCI's acting president C.K. Khanna said: "Pune will host all the [CSK home] matches". Protesters had reportedly beaten up cricket fans in the lead-up to the highly-anticipated home game in Chepauk, which was hosting its first CSK match in two years.

How to check if your Facebook info. was sold to Cambridge Analytica

On Monday, the Energy and Commerce Committee published Mark Zuckerberg's prepared remarks , ahead of his appearance before the committee on Wednesday. Nelson said he has asked the Congressional leadership to to haul Cambridge Analytica in to answer questions at a separate hearing. Though it only takes one Facebook user to expose their friends' data, users have since been encouraged to change their privacy and advertisement settings.

Special Snapchat lenses for iPhone X finally released

Long-press on the center of the screen to bring up the lenses and filters view. With so much about data privacy issues going on these days, not to mention Facebook's Cambridge Analytica scandal, it is only fair to ask how much of TrueDepth camera data does Apple share with third-party apps like Snapchat .

Musk's Spotty Prophetic Record Muddles Tesla's Assurance on Cash

Deliveries hit new levels as well, with Tesla delivering 29,980 vehicles in total during the first quarter. The story really hinges on the Model 3. Bloomberg even started a " Model 3 tracker " to crowd-source estimated production numbers, and it shows a large jump in rate as the quarter ended.

SpaceX's recycled rocket and spaceship deliver cargo to ISS

Lifted by the company's Falcon 9 rocket , the unmanned Dragon spacecraft blasted off on schedule from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida at 4:30 p.m. The cargo included materials that ISS astronauts would use to conduct experiments on how human beings and plants behave in space, the agency said. The degree of this impact, and bone marrow's capacity to recoup when back on Earth, is important to space scientists and medicinal services suppliers alike.

Overwatch World Cup returns for 2018

The first season of the Overwatch Open Division saw thousands of teams around the world take part, and numerous current crop of Contenders teams in various regions did in fact begin their journey here. You can see a brief teaser video in the tweet below. "Uprising" is a major event in the game's lore as it depicts the team's liberation of Kingsrow from a heinous attack by the Omnix terrorist organization called Null Sector .

Samsung Galaxy S9, Galaxy S9+ 128GB Storage Variant Launched In India

IHS Markit also found that the Galaxy S9 + is among the first smartphones to feature Qualcomm's Snapdragon 845 processor, which contains an LTE CAT18 modem. The combined BoM cost for the smartphone's camera modules is $44.95, of which $34.95 is from the new primary camera, the research firm said. The selfie camera is better than the one in the previous model.

NCAA team lifted by 98-year-old nun, its biggest fan

But she has the Ramblers losing in the Sweet 16. which means now they have to prove their biggest fan wrong. "We couldn't do it - everybody knows her", said Tom Hitcho, the university's longtime senior associate athletic director for operations, who has been pushing Sister Jean's wheelchair during the tournament.

Massena, Potsdam Taking Part In March for Our Lives

People interested in joining the marches are asked to register early. Under the banner #Enough and #NeverAgain , Stoneman Douglas students the next day announce plans to organize a nationwide protest for gun control, the " March For Our Lives ".

Clinton saddened by Hawking's death

Stephen Hawking , who died on Wednesday, March 14 , was not just a physicist who changed the way we saw the universe. "Although it was unfortunate to get motor neurone disease, I have been very fortunate in nearly everything else", he said .

NASA Twins Study: Extended Space Stay Alters Astronaut's DNA

Kelly, now retired from Nasa, and his twin were no longer genetically the same. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration used this knowledge to conduct an experiment, hoping to learn if space travel effected human DNA on a fundamental level.

SpaceX made a Falcon Heavy launch video with Westworld creators

Readers may remember in early 2017 when he talked about building a "Big Falcon Rocket" (BFR) that would be capable of traveling anywhere on Earth in under an hour. "People have told me that my timelines historically have been optimistic", he said to great laughter from the audience. Whether an AI-induced third World War is what drives us off the planet, he didn't say.

Mario Comes to Google Maps

With Mario Day set for March 10 (because Mar10 spells " Mario "), there are many ways to celebrate your favourite character from Nintendo's line up. The Google Maps-Mario Kart mashup will be available until March 17. Google is also asking users to share photos of their adventures as Mario on Instagram and Twitter with @GoogleMaps and the hashtag #MarioMaps .

Fortnite Battle Royale is coming to iOS and Android devices

Epic Games has announced that it is developing a mobile version of Fortnite: Battle Royale , the free-to-play mode of the multiplayer sandbox survival game that is taking the world by storm. Fortnite and its Battle Royale version are one of those overnight success stories that nearly catches everyone by surprise. The ever-popular PUBG rival, Fortnite has grown in popularity since its release past year, it has reached 20 million players and is the most streamed game on Twitch ...

Actress's Oscar award stolen just after receiving

The photographer, not recognizing the suspect as an award recipient, followed closely then took the Oscar from him. A video, which has since been deleted, appeared on Bryant's Facebook page which showed him holding the award while wearing a tuxedo.

Chicago Bears apply transition tag to cornerback Kyle Fuller

It saved his tenure with the Bears, and they want to see who the real Fuller is. . In four National Football League seasons, Fuller has registered eight interceptions and 188 tackles in 48 appearances. He is the third of four brothers to play in the NFL. "This allows us to continue to work together on a long-term deal". "Kyle is a player we value", said Bears GM Ryan Pace .

Alcatel 5: an 18:9 phone with hidden intelligence

Besides, the tablet measures 255x155x9.35mm and weighs 415 grams. The device is equipped with 2GB of RAM and 16GB of internal storage. Inside there's a quad-core MediaTek MT8735A processor, 2GB of RAM, 16/32GB of storage, and a microSD card slot.

Temperatures plunge as 'beast from the east' takes hold of country

Europe will experience a "Beast from the East" weather pattern next week as cold air is pulled from Siberia into the region and may cause snow over several days in the United Kingdom. Looking ahead to next week, it will most likely still be mainly dry on Monday with some sunny spells and perhaps the odd light snow flurry in eastern areas.

Spotify might be next in line to build its own smart speaker

With Google's line of Home products and Apple's new HomePod , the ease of getting customers to sign up for the platform offered by their hardware manufacturer could push Google and Apple to the top. Other hints at Spotify hardware that have appeared in the past include a potential smartwatch device, so it's possible we're looking at a wrist-mounted Spotify device somehow.

Gmail Go App Launches on Android

Everything Android Pay offered is still there including all your linked cards, the ability to pay for things in supported stores. Fast, simple checkout. Read on to learn more about the new Gmail Go app for Android and what features it comes with. It also puts everything you need to make a purchase at your fingertips.