Twitter Announces Tools That Seem Intended To Curb Harassment

The filter is a feature that Twitter says has been in testing for some time, but is now ready to roll out to everyone. Twitter debuted options to improve the content that appears in your notifications tab, finally giving everyone the ability to only see notifications from people they follow on the social network.

Badminton - Sindhu raises Indian hopes of first gold

The two-time World Championship bronze-medallist notched up a sensational 21-19 21-10 victory over the All England Champion from Japan in a pulsating semi-final that lasted 49 minutes. The 18-year-old was just three shots behind the leader, Stacey Lewis of U.S. after firing a second successive three-under 68, which included five birdies against a couple of bogeys, to move to six-under 136.

Watch the Perseid Meteor Shower Thursday, Friday night

They're called Perseids since they seem to be emanating from the constellation Perseus. Our planet Earth has been passing through the trail of the Swift-Tuttle Comet since July 17, and we're quickly approaching the densest area on the night of August 11 .

New iPhone will not have a headphone jack, say insiders

And while some rumors suggests that the tech titan will dump the home button, others are suggesting that it's getting an overhaul. Nowhere does Gurman talk about the iPhone 7 as iPhone 7 . The analyst expects growth in iPhone shipments to return with the launch of iPhone 7 . The technology of dual sensor is created to capture photos by both the camera of their own which will finally merge into a single image.

How to Get 48 Slot Starship for Free in No Man's Sky

Thanks to NowLoading , we have a couple of useful tips to help you learn even the most foreign of extra-terrestrial languages in " No Man's Sky ". Monoliths are giant glowing structures scattered all over planets in " No Man's Sky ". In order to have one of these black holes marked on your map, you must speak to the priest and, when given the option to have your journey made a little bit easier, request that he aids you on your mission to reach the galaxy's core.

Perseid Meteor shower Thursday could be the best yet

This Swift-Tuttle meteor shower could reach speeds up to 200 meteors an hour. The Perseid meteor shower occurs every year, always peaking in mid-August, but this year's shower was almost double past years. That's twice as many meteors as a normal meteor shower! NASA plans to stream the meteor shower beginning at 9 p.m. today into Friday and again Friday into Saturday.

Man United's Paul Pogba suspended for first match back in Premier League

But every Man United fan around the world can be sure that everyone here works hard at the training ground". In doing so he also appeared to aim a swipe at the player's use by Borussia Dortmund during a mutually unsatisfactory loan spell last season .

New Snapchat Filter Is Considered Racist By Many

Snapchat attracts some of the biggest celebrity names in the world, including Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift, Calvin Harris and the Kardashians. Snapchat's 3D "Lens" feature - special effects applied over to a user's face - is no stranger to controversy.

Cricketer Hanif Mohammad still alive, clarifies 'misinformed' son

He was battling lung cancer for 3 years and was admitted to the hospital 3 weeks earlier owing to breathing troubles. He and his four brothers moved to Pakistan after partition; four of the five brothers played Tests while Raees, the fifth, was a 12th man once.

Australia to block Chinese bid for electricity network

Against the background of mounting public debate about the extent of Chinese ownership of utility assets and land, Morrison said his preliminary view was that the "foreign investment proposals put to me for this transaction are contrary to the national interest on the grounds of national security".

Greenland sharks live at least 400 years, study finds

Now scientists calculate that this female Greenland shark was the Earth's oldest living animal with a backbone. The Greenland shark has remained a bit of a scientific mystery for decades, as has the part they play in the food web of the north Atlantic.

No Man's Sky Launch Trailer Blasts Off

This has been one of the biggest anticipated video game titles to have released in recent years, but if you thought that the development team, Hello Games, is taking a well-deserved break, you couldn't be more wrong. The first unit of Antimatter is given to players for free when they encounter an Alien for the first time. People are coming into that lobby and leaving it - like if you play Watch Dogs or something like that.

Suspect Sets Himself On Fire During Alleged Arson Attempt

A would-be arsonist in Kentucky who was attempting to torch a barber shop managed to burn himself in a much more fiery manner at the weekend. Officers found broken glass at the back door. He then returns to the burning building, pours something onto the fire and drives off in the minivan with the woman. But when the suspect tossed the second Molotov cocktail toward the window, he missed and the liquid splashed back, catching him on fire.

Obama denies $400M payment to Iran was ransom

Obama expressed bewilderment that something that "was not a secret" when the funds were transferred has become a major issue following a new report that the payment was made in cash that was delivered via an unmarked cargo plane. Obama says the group may continue to inspire people to carry out lone wolf-type attacks on subways or parades to sow fear and elevate its profile. It also led to outrage from some conservatives, especially those who've long spoken out against the deal.

N. Korea fires two ballistic missiles

North Korea had threatened a "physical response" against the deployment decision. While the global community has been unanimous in the condemnation of the North's actions, top NK diplomat to the United States Han Son Ryol stated that the Communist regime's launch of the ballistic missiles is an act of self-defense.

China's Jade Rabbit lunar rover ends mission after 31 months

Until now it was only under the control of the government. The Federal Aviation Administration's Office of Commercial Space Transportation has for the first time granted a private company permission to send a spacecraft to the moon. Moon Express has 9 job openings at its Cape Canaveral offices. "We want to win it", Moon Express CEO Bob Richards told The Verge . Established in 2007, this award will reward the first private company that will land a capsule on the moon.

IFixit tears down the Xbox One S

One of the biggest reliefs for Xbox users was that this revision did away with the external power supply. As for its features, it is now able to support HDR and 4K video . The One S has taken Microsoft's original concept of an all-in-one entertainment device and improved it nicely for the 4K generation". The Xbox One S is Microsoft's acknowledgement of the growing demand for 4K content as the new wave of 4K TVs has been widely adopted over the last 12 months thanks to some very ...

What's Inside The Xbox One S

Interestingly, that makes it the cheapest 4K Blu-ray player now on the market. "On Xbox One , we've streamlined the shopping experience to help you find the games you love faster and at the best prices ". Digital Foundry's video shows examples of the improved performance, highlighting Project CARS as a game that benefits from the extra power quite significantly.

Glowing Purple Blob Found On Ocean Floor Puzzles Scientists

The discovery was made at 5,301 feet under the surface of the ocean, hiding under a rock. However, this weird purple orb attracted the researchers' attention. The researchers first think of scientific names as possibility but soon decide to suck it up using a tube for a closer look. "After sampling, it began to unfold to reveal two distinct lobes ", the team told National Geographic .

Eminent writer-activist Mahasweta Devi passes away

The 90-year-old writer-activist, who is known for her dedicated service for the welfare of tribal in different parts of India, was suffering from kidney and lung ailments, besides blood and urinary tract infections. Carving a long withstanding place among the many facets of Bengali fiction writers, Mahasweta Devi brought in characters who were picked up from the grassroots level, poor workers, Dalits, tribals, migrants and presented it for her readers in the most simplest yet starkest mode of ...

Pokemon Go finally launches in Japan

Now, the company behind the latest craze is in government cross hairs again, but this time, the questions are about the amount of data being used, rather than what those packets contain. "To everyone in Japan: I am sorry to make you wait for so long", said Jyunichi Masuda, the head of development at Game Freak Inc., the developer of the original Pokemon game.

Twitter Lets Users Apply For Verified Accounts; Mine Took Hours

To apply to get your Twitter Account Verification, you will need two social media links to establish your creditability, such as a website you write for and a LinkedIn account. Follow these steps to give yourself the best chance of getting verified. This week, however, Twitter announced that finally, anyone is free to apply to have their account verified.

IOC president defends Russia decision

Led by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), more than ten anti-doping organisations across the world, including the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA), had campaigned for Russian Federation to face a full ban in the Rio games. "We are grateful to the International Olympic Committee for such a decision", Mutko told R-Sport. The IOC also rejected the application by Russian whistleblower Yulia Stepanova, an 800-meter runner and former doper who helped expose the doping scandal in her ...

Why the Pokemon-McDonald's deal in Japan could be big

Hanke was ready to found his own independent startup until Google co-founder Larry Page persuaded him he could keep Niantic within the internet's most powerful company. While Niantic and Nintendo are likely mining data from everyone using the app, they aren't the first to do so. Although fans in regions where the game is live are already level 20 going on 30 and in need of new motivation to explore the temporary end-game, Niantic is focused on getting the game live worldwide.

Could Vilsack Be Considered as Clinton's Running Mate?

Kaine (D-VA), is named most often by Democrats as the favorite and front-runner for the position. His presence in the Clinton candidacy can possibly get the young voters and African-Americans as well. Tim Kaine fits that description, with his experience on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, as does Admiral James Stavridis . "He is selling something that people don't fully understand and appreciate what it actually means", Vilsack said in an interview with NBC News , likening the NY ...

Kevin Durant: Warriors were surprised to nab Kevin Durant

This jibes with everything that Golden State general manager Bob Myers and coach Steve Kerr have said since Durant's decision. Recently, the president and COO of the Warriors, Rick Welts, spoke about the signing and how Durant has only committed to the team for the short term.

Pokemon Go already a worldwide sensation

Nintendo gained in Tokyo trading on Monday as its newly released smartphone game has proven immensely popular. A view of the Pokemon Go app from New York City's Holland Tunnel. The game compels you to keep an eye on your phone as you walk along the street. Not like that doesn't happen already. The heads up from Caledonia police came on the same day a Wyoming girl found a body floating in a river while she was trying to catch a miniature monster in the mobile game, officials confirmed.

Chicago again calls Dwyane Wade, and this time he listens

What he's done in this city over the last 13 years is irreplaceable, and so we're going to do the right thing". In today's sports section, the Chicago Tribune made a decision to troll Dwyane Wade by headlining him as the Bulls "Plan A (ARP)".

World's largest Telescope Poised For Trials In China

Now again China is in the news for installing the five hundred meter Aperture Spherical Telescope ( FAST ) in Guizhou the southern province in China . The telescope will also search for stars and detect gravitational waves. The displaced families have been moved to a neighbouring province and given a compensation of 10,000 yuan (roughly United States dollars 1,500), which translates to an average year's salary in the area.

"For heaven's sake man, go" - David Cameron tells Jeremy Corbyn to resign

The pressure however remained unrelenting, with Mr Cameron using Prime Minister's Questions to denounce Mr Corbyn's lacklustre campaigning for Remain in the European Union referendum and calling on him to go. She has now revealed that she voted in favour of a motion of no confidence in the Labour leader on Tuesday. "I think a lot of what he stands for is very important for us going forward".